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A few months ago, Mondays were a day I dreaded. They just have that ever present rain cloud that everyone seems to be under.

Fast forward to now.

Monday is a day that represents opportunity, excitement, knowledge, and importance. My team has opened my eyes and changed how I see the world. By working with positive people who reinforce healthy habits and a good work ethic, you find yourself adopting their mindset. Not only do I have so many more opportunities to help people, I am also helping myself. Being a coach has opened so many doors, and even a few windows. Madison and I both get to listen to peoples needs, and help them get there.

Watching people on their journey to being healthy, fit, or financially free is the best thing ever.

It is that first step that makes the biggest impact.

I am thankful today that Madison and I chose to become Coaches, to get healthy, to be fit, and to help others do the same.

What are you going to be thankful to yourself for in 3 months? A year? 2?

We can help you look back and be proud.



Eating clean may even inspire the unlikeliest of people!


Hey guys! Now that you are all back home from the long weekend of s’mores, hot dogs and chips (don’t deny it!)… I want to expand on this quote. I believe it applies to many people who just don’t seem to have the best mindset for living a healthy lifestyle. I know people who absolutely DREAD their workouts, and will make any excuse not to go to the gym. On the flip side, there are others who can’t stand eating healthy. Do not view your workout as a punishment for eating bad, and do not view healthy foods as punishment for not working out. These are two staples that go hand-in-hand, and both must be met with enthusiasm.

How many times has one of your attempts at a diet failed? How many New Years resolutions to go to the gym more have you kept? With the right mindset and enough drive, you can accomplish way more than you think!

Make your workouts fun! Go biking with a friend!

The best part of this lifestyle is the ability to enjoy it.

Hey Everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend. For those of you who did the triathlon, are you as sore today as Maddy and I are?

I am posting today because I am proud to announce our newest T-Shirt design from Custom Ink! The material is perfect for working out in, as it is a dry performance shirt. It features my logo on the front with my ever repeated phrase “It’s a lifestyle change” on the back. For our first group order they will come in black.

The price of each shirt (no matter what size) will be $25.00.

Get the word out! Share the link to the sign-up sheet on Facebook for your friends and family, or order one as a gift!

There will be no on-line payment, simply place your order and then make a personal check out to me, Zane Miller. I will place the group order myself and make sure to notify everyone when they come in. If everyone orders in time, they will be in two weeks after the group order is placed.

If you are interested and have any questions, feel free to email me at:

Here is the link to the sign-up sheet. Simply select your size then select the quantity of each size you would like to order.


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Today the wife and I finished the Flater’s triathlon! There were thirty mile an hour winds, it did not make fun biking!




We got our shipment of chocolate Shakeology® today! Beach Body shipped it super fast! I’ll do a more in depth post in the next few days once we’ve experimented with different methods of making shakes. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions about any of Beach Body’s products or are interested in ordering, be sure to email me at

Madison Alyse PhotographyOff to film some more footage for our upcoming project! Stay tuned!  Going in early to do some lifting.

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope everyone had a great day today! The week is almost half way over. Don’t forget to breathe people! The weather is warming up and the snow is slowly melting. This morning I woke up my body with some yoga…



I did P90X2 yoga and it really helped to release some tension in my muscles and joints! Now I’m off to the gym for some high interval training. Hope to see you all there!

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Working with clients who do not believe themselves to be capable of something can be very frustrating sometimes, because no one really knows how far they can go until they are pushed. If you think you can’t do something, you’re right. Once you set boundaries on what your body’s capabilities are, you never reach any goals or achieve much progress. Your mind will quit long before your body has reached it’s limit. Over-thinking our workouts or food choices will often lead to underachieving. If you remind yourself every day to push a little bit harder or train a little bit longer, you will do yourself a favor.

Mind over matter.

Do not let your mind be reason for your body’s failure. Push yourself. Fail. Allow yourself to try again until you succeed.

Remember, you can either be your own worst enemy, or your best motivator.