Five years ago, I went on a trip with my brother to Cancun, Mexico. It was on this vary vacation that I met my future wife. It’s safe to say my life changed drastically over this trip, but not just because of her.

One night, I woke up and in mid-sleep walked out to the balcony, and fell three stories to the ground. After laying there for an unmeasurable amount of time, I crawled back up three flights of stairs to the room. After flying home (walking everywhere I went) and attending numerous doctors appointments, I was told I had fractured two of my vertebrae, and that I was very lucky. I wore a brace over the  next few months, and slowly healed up. My back is now fully recovered, however I do still feel the reminder of pain every once in a while.

To this day I attribute the fact that I was healthy and strong as the reason I am not now in a wheelchair. Not to sound morbid, but never knowing when or where a tragic accident may occur is the strongest incentive to live the way I do now. If my back and core had not been as strong as it was, there’s no telling where I would be today. I am happy and thankful that I am able to share this story with whoever chooses to listen; and that my ending was a good one.

Just remember that this lifestyle change benefits you in all aspects of life. Would you rather be safe, or sorry? You have many chances to make preventative choices that could potentially save your life in the future. Don’t forget that those choices can be taken away from you at any moment. You have your choice of what food you put in your body, you have a choice to go for a run, you have a choice to make change. Don’t choose ignorance, because these choices are a privilege, not a right, by life’s understanding. It may sound cliché, but live like there is no tomorrow. Some people get lucky, some don’t. Don’t wait for fate to force your hand.

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