Physical Training – The Work

Excuses. Unfortunately, our world is full of them. Excuses not to work hard, excuses for laziness and excuses for what we’re doing wrong. By making excuses for yourself, you become your own worst enemy. Society has made it very difficult for people to get inspired to work for something. When we want it, we want it right now. Rarely do you see someone put in the time and effort really needed to see change. You are most likely not going to be at your goal weight, or have a six pack, in ten days. That’s just the reality of it. Everyone will try to sell you the fastest and most “amazing results possible” in the shortest amount of time. Do not fall for that. To see the best results you can get, you need to put in the best work you can give. Otherwise, you will never be satisfied.

Because we are told that results can come fast to us, when they don’t, we get disheartened. Why bother working at something that isn’t working for you in one week, or two? Well, remember that lifestyle change I always talk about? Not only does it apply to your nutrition, but it also applies to how hard you can continually push yourself. The best results will come from the best work ethics. Don’t like lifting weights, but you really love to run on the treadmill every night? Do not expect a different outcome if you are not willing to put in different challenges for yourself. To see change in your body, you have to accept change in your workout. Pushing your body is not supposed to be easy, and it’s not always something that feels good; it will burn, it will make you want to stop. Eventually, you will learn to appreciate the burn, it tells you when your body is working it’s hardest. It is the feeling of change.

Even I have to incorporate changes into my workouts. I could easily stay with what I know I can do, but what fun would that be? Your body is constantly growing, so your workouts need to grow as well. I have done P90X, P90x II, and Insanity, and they were all extremely difficult. I had to accept that I was going to be pushed; going to be challenged. As soon as I did, as soon as I powered through, the results came.

Remember, your mind will always be the first to give up. Your body will continue to push.

“Either you think you can or you think you can’t… Either way you’re right.”

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