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The only way I start my day. I slept through my alarm once this week and didn’t get to eat my oatmeal… It was the longest and slowest work day ever. Fuel your bodies, people! You have no idea the difference it makes.



Today I would like to talk to you all about

You may have seen some of my Facebook and Instagram posts (for those of you who don’t follow me, my Instagram name is @millerfitness and Madison’s is @_madisonalyse), Shakeology has become a part of Maddy and I’s daily routine. After the initial sticker shock and some research, we both realized that for what you get out of Shakeology is worth way more than what you give up to get it. Both of my parents now drink it every day, and feel great! There is no age limit or physical demand for Shakeology. You do not have to be a fitness junky to live a healthier lifestle.

Maddy is drinking the new all natural Vanilla flavor this month and she loves it blended with ice, strawberries, and some milk.

 For those of you who simply cannot understand the rationalization, let me break it down for you…

If you or anyone you know would benefit from Shakeology, don’t hesitate to ask myself or Madison any questions! That’s what we’re here for. We didn’t want to keep this amazing shake a secret and we are happy to share our journey to living healthy with you!

For more information:

E-mail Zane at:

E-mail Maddy at:


Hey guys! Now that you are all back home from the long weekend of s’mores, hot dogs and chips (don’t deny it!)… I want to expand on this quote. I believe it applies to many people who just don’t seem to have the best mindset for living a healthy lifestyle. I know people who absolutely DREAD their workouts, and will make any excuse not to go to the gym. On the flip side, there are others who can’t stand eating healthy. Do not view your workout as a punishment for eating bad, and do not view healthy foods as punishment for not working out. These are two staples that go hand-in-hand, and both must be met with enthusiasm.

How many times has one of your attempts at a diet failed? How many New Years resolutions to go to the gym more have you kept? With the right mindset and enough drive, you can accomplish way more than you think!

Make your workouts fun! Go biking with a friend!

The best part of this lifestyle is the ability to enjoy it.

As some of you may have noticed, I have added some links and images to the side/bottom of my blog page. I am constantly looking for new ways to help myself and all of you live healthier lifestyles, so I am very excited and proud to announce that I am now a Beach Body Coach! The links/banners on the side and bottom of my blog may or may not work for you. If they do not directly take you to my Beach Body websites, please copy and paste the URL into your address bar.

Check it all out! There are amazing exercise programs (some that I have personally done), and amazing nutrition products that suit each of your individual needs. Please let anyone interested know that they can contact me at any time at my email:

I am very excited about everything Beach Body has to offer, not only for myself but for all of you! Feel free to ask questions and make inquiries. I will be posting more about everything soon!

Thanks for all of your continued dedication & support!

Peanut Butter

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This is a touchy food for most people, so I’d like to touch base with it for a bit. Most of society is scared off by the high fat, high calorie content, so they tend to avoid and overlook the health benefits it provides.

It’s high in protein, and also contains heart healthy mono-unsaturated fats.  It is rather expensive I  know, but being it’s high fat/calorie content you should only be eating it in moderation. With this it should be lasting longer, keeping it around a tablespoon or 2 tablespoons a day for active people. I personally eat it on a daily basis; adding it to my oatmeal for flavor and protein,  spreading it on toast, eating it with an apple or  a handful of reduced fat wheat thins, just to name a few.

 I do recommend eating the All natural types, which I do purchase when on sale.  Plain old jiff is okay, just remember to keep it in moderation.

Try to incorporate this power food into your diet!

Madison Alyse Photography

Bonus Nutrition Fact

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It’s Monday morning. You’re getting the kids ready, packing a lunch, trying to get yourself out the door. You get to work and begin your day. 10:30 comes around, and you’ve forgotten the most important thing of the day.


I have heard so many excuses from people for why they don’t eat breakfast:

“I’m just not hungry in the mornings.”

“I don’t like breakfast foods.”

“I don’t have enough time in the morning to make anything.”

Or the biggest fable of them all,

“If I skip meals it will help me lose weight, so I chose not to eat it.”

The frustrating thing about all of these excuses is that you all KNOW that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without breakfast you are putting yourself at risk for excess weight gain, or losing muscle you may be gaining through your workouts. By not eating breakfast, your body will use up the only fuel it can provide itself with, your muscle. Your overall energy levels will be very low, and you are more likely to overeat throughout the day.

Not eating breakfast is a choice.

Throw away all of those excuses and start your week off right by eating a balanced breakfast every day.